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Victorian boom and The great exhibition

We had to make a presentation for History explaining the Exhibition and the Boom. I worked with Joaco venini and Epi nicora presentation

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Rayuela- descripción de atmosfera

Presentacion  Esta es mi presentación de la descripción Parisina en Rayuela. Tuvimos que sacar al menos 5 citas en el capitulo 4 e ilustrarlas en imagenes.

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Vocabulary on devastated places.

I worked with Pancho Mosquera, we had to read some articles and search for the best words to describe devastated places. “>Here is our work.

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“Evening in Paradise” Poem Analysis

This is the slideshare we made all together in class. TASK 1 The first 12 lines deal with an analogy between Evening and Paradise. This is because during the whole day or life people has to work and they have … Sigue leyendo

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For the biology class I had to prepare a water presentation following some youtube videos our teacher gave us. If you are interested in it just click this!

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This is a presentation in which we had to put everything we knew about Proteins. I worked with Rochi, Catu, Epi, Delfi, Juani, Pancho and Nico This is the link to see it!

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In the biology class, we had to complete a chart and this is it. I worked with Tomas borda Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Chemical Elements Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen Components Monosaccharides Aminoacids Fatty acids and … Sigue leyendo

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Here there are some exercices on “addition” that we had to work on with Cta , Luna Mara. Enjoy and good luck! Luna loves dogs… ,she is getting one for his boyfriend next week. Pato loves dogs… …, the demilitarization … Sigue leyendo

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Mio Cid

Hoy en literatura leímos un fragmento de “Mio Cid” y la actividad fue representar los valores que sacamos de estos en un heroe. Esta es mi forma de mostrar los valores en los super-heroes. Había distintas opciones para representarlos, yo … Sigue leyendo

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“The Lady in the Looking-Glass: a Reflection”

In Literature, with Pato, we read Virginia Woolf’s novel “The  Lady in the Looking-Glass: a Reflection”. After analyzing it and taking down notes, we joined together in groups and chose quotations for different parts of the story and for the themes. … Sigue leyendo

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Experimento Fisica

Empezamos a ver en la clase de fisica como algunos cuerpos flotan,  otros se hunden y algunos quedan suspendidos flotando en el medio del recipiente de un liquido. En este caso el experimento consiste en poner una aguja en un … Sigue leyendo

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Trabajo Practico- Movimiento Telurico

Este es un trabajo practico que nuestra profesora de geografia nos dejo hoy para hacer en clase. Movimientos Telúricos en la República de Argentina Al menos una persona fallecida habría dejado un sismo de 5,9 Richter en la zona noroeste … Sigue leyendo

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