“Evening in Paradise” Poem Analysis

This is the slideshare we made all together in class.


  1. The first 12 lines deal with an analogy between Evening and Paradise. This is because during the whole day or life people has to work and they have a routinary life and in the evening or in paradise they stop, they sleep, they are rewarded for their effort as if sleeping was a prize. They can relax and be in peace. This is an analogy because by comparing two different things but with similar features, the principal idea is explained.


-DAY/NIGHT  “Now came still Evening on, and Twilight gray”

NATURE “ for beast and bird,
They to their grassy couch, these to their nests”

JEWELS.“Now glowed with living sapphires”


  1. The repetition of stops during the poem, this makes the reader stop and it represents the sleeping, the night, death, slow the pace.
  2. Metaphors, comparing the beauty of starts with the night, the evening “Now glowed with living sapphires”
  3.  Full of imagery this makes the reader be more involved with the poem, “ grassy couch” “Silence accompanied” “the dark her silver mantle threw”



It could totally be a funeral scene, there are many references to death. “Silence accompanied” is a perfect description of the atmosphere in funerals, there is always a painful and melancholic atmosphere in funerals no matter what it can’t be changed.  Also, people tend to decorate and suit on the dead people, they put them on the best and more luxurious things as jewels, “With living Saphirs; Hesperus, that led
The starry host, rode brightest”.


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