This are some questions we had to answer after reading and analyzing in clase Continuum which is a poem. This is the task 

  1. The title is continuum because the poems has enjambmen, this is one explanation and the other one is that he was writing the poem while he was thinking, so he wrote what he thought at the moment, so there is no organization and the ideas of the poem were a mix and never completely finish.
  2. That the ideas and phases never finish and they continuo.
  3. He thinks poems have to be ideas and inspirations that happen casually and spontaneously.
  4. The poem is a whole irony, because he is talking of not being able of writing because of the lack of inspiration but at the time he is writing it, so he is inspired.
  5. The moon, because it hides and that is an human action.
  6. The tone of this poem is gloomy, dark, reflect, frustrated and lonely and this is exactly what the writer and the poem is talking about.
  7. It an extended metaphor because during all the poem
  8. The effect is that the ideas never finish because they are happening at the moment so he can’t finish a phase.
  9. There are different meaning of the last stanza but for me finally he found the inspiration he was looking for in nature and the moon, after this he could write whatever he wanted to write and finally go to sleep as he wanted.
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