Sandpiper activity

We read The Sandpiper in class and we had to watch this video and answer this questions.

THIS is a video that summarizes the hole story. Also we had to read THIS slideshare and answer all the questions that are on the slideshare.

1) The woman wants to avoid making patterns on the sand  because she belive that nature has to control that stuff, and she cant change and disturbed nature.

2) We realized the protagonists avoids making patterns on sand, the quotation means she wants to be in peace with nature, she doesn’t want to make any error or change something of nature.

3)  The protagonist balance in the stones symbolize that she is in the middle of two cultures, two lives. Her family, friends and culture are in Great Britain and her new life and family are in Afria. She also balance because she has to choose to live or stay, the only thing that make her stay is her new daughter.

4) The sea symbolizes the protagonist, because the sea adapts to new places, and its always recedes and goinfg forward s well as she is. Because she is always thinking abour the past, that’s why she cant move.

5) The image that that quotation give us is that she is trying to keep things like they were before, she wants to love his husband as she loved him before but she cant and she also wants to be in her orginial mother land but she cant and its really difficult.

Worksheet 2

1) She is trying to understand what happened to his husband, why he had  changd so much,and that she is trying to adapt but is really difficult because it is a new culture, new language and everything is new and she cant adapt.

2) She feels the baby is not hers, the baby is of his husband because as she was going to growth and lived there, lucye was going to be part of the Egiptian society and the protagonist will never fell like home.

3) She cant communicate with the society because she cant understand them , so she is isolated by herself alone, she just can talk with his husband.

4) Ï should have gone” is repetead many times in the story, so this is telling us she now realized she would had been more happy if she had left his husband and go back to Great Britain where she comes from.

5) In Great Britain she use to read the newspaper, she use to work and in Africa she cant.

Worksheet 3


2) She is really happy because she is having a baby, now she fells she wont be so alone, and he is the reason why she is staying in Africa, she loves her so much she wont leave and she prefers being isolated, without communicating and being depress before that leaving her child alone in Africa.

3) She takes notes of the things she likes and do not, she is wrting a story of her new life in Africa.

4) She is trying to transmit is that she want her daughter to be more like she, having the same language and habbits she is jealous because she would have a better realationshipp with his dad because they will have more things in common.

5) She thinks she cant work or be useful , she cant even make domestic work because they have a maid called Sabir, she also told her to go and have fun.

6) She wont leave Africa or his husband because if she do that she will have to leave her daughter and she loves her so much to live her, so she will sacrifies her life to be with her, Lucy needs both his father and her mother.

Worksheet 4

1) This quote explains the horrible feelings she was feeling, the made didn’t let her clear or cook, she told her to go to the have a coffe with her friends, but she didn’t had friends because she couldn’t speak or neither because she didn’t felt comfortable by making friends in Africa.

2) That quote is telling us she can sleep in peace because she had her daughter neer her, and that was all she needed.

3) The protagonist writes notes of her life and things that happened in Africa, she didn’t knew what to ttalk about, she was a great writer.

4) She felt isolated, she had studied, worked and made a lot of things in her life but now she was in her own prison and sooner or later she will want her freedom back.

6) The relation between lucy and her fathers was difficult. Towards his father everything was okay, both were really similar, because they shared the same culture, but her relation with her mother was different they didn’t share any aspect in common, both loved each other a lot and they didn’t need to be equal to love each other.


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