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Glogster of USA 1920

This is a glogster I made with Florencia Araya, of The Red Scare in 1920   These are the presentations of the other social aspects in the 1920´s created by other classmates. Gangsters: Sol, Luz, Rochi and Mara Black people: … Sigue leyendo

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Literature Essay

This is an essay we had to make comparing the attitudes of “The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood and “Composted upon Westminster Bridge” by William Wordsworth Compare the attitudes of the writer’s towards the city in “Composted upon Westminster Bridge” … Sigue leyendo

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Letter The Escape

This is a letter we had to do, I made it with Francisco Mosquera, Is a letter from a Jamaican woman in a short story we read in class, The Escape. Dear Family, How are yuh all? I hope yuh … Sigue leyendo

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Mirror, Mirror

Este es un texto que escribí diciendo si Mirror, Mirror es un cuento maravilloso. ¿Puede considerase a la película Mirror Mirror como parte del género maravilloso? En este texto voy a explicar si ”Mirror, Mirror” se considera una película de … Sigue leyendo

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