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Past Tenses

This is an exercise which was homework. The British explorer James Cook was born in the village of Marton, Yorkshire, on 27 October, 1728. But his family soon moved to another village, called Great Ayton, where Cook spent most of his childhood. As a … Sigue leyendo

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TP Catequesis

  Isabel Pizarro, nuestra profesora de catequesis, nos dio un trabajo prático sobre la Virgen María para hacer en casa. Este es el Ave Maria Dios te salve María, llena eres de gracia , el Señor es contigo;bendita tu eres … Sigue leyendo

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The Planners & The City Planner

Our literature teacher, Pato Chujma, gave us a task in which we had to make our own analysis of the two poems “The City Planners” & “The Planners“. I made it with Luna Perez Muñiz. Here it is  

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This is an Slideshare of Germany after the ww1. This Slideshare was done in class by Catalina Rela, Sol Di Liscia, Tomas Anania, Estanislao Casas and me.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Este es un slideshare hecho en clase de lengua. No esta completo ya que lo vamos a ir completando a medida de que vayamos leyendo Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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Friendship Narnia

This is a homework. It consist in, the differences between the dialogue between Lucy and Tumnus in the movie and in our book. This is the dialogue in the movie. they meet shouting they were afraid lucy:did i scare you? why … Sigue leyendo

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Our teacher of Use Of Inglish told us to listen to the movie version of Narnia and the version we have in our book and write down the thing that change. these are the differences I found they meet shouting … Sigue leyendo

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