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Fotobable Minha apresentaçao

Esta é uma apresentação que fazemos para conhecernos com as crianças na escola do Uruguai. Em Fotobabble.

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Vocabulary Activity -Boy

Laura gave us a task that consisted in choosing at least 15 words from here and making clear examples that we can understand. Untrustworthy: He is very untrustworthy, when you are about to tell a secret, don´t count on him. … Sigue leyendo

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The Planners

This is an essay modified by myself for homework from literature. This essay is from Tomas Slimak. The Planners by Kim Cheng The Planners, a poem written by Boey Kim Cheng in Singapore. This poem portrays the total and utter soullessness … Sigue leyendo

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Análisis Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde

  En la clase de lengua estuvimos haciendo unas actividades del libro en la carpeta sobre el relato “El extraño caso de Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde”. Estas son las actividades que corregimos todos juntos en clase.

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Oral Presentations

  We are working and preparing oral presentations of an article.  We have been talking about how to prepare a excellent oral presentation. This time we were the ones to give to our classmates a mark. here are five tips … Sigue leyendo

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Actividades de la visita al malba

Los alumnos de 1 er año, fuimos al museo  Malba. Estuvimos  miramos muchos cuadros, pero el que más me gustó y llamó mi atención fue  a mi fue  “Los Viudos” de Fernando Botero. Es un cuadro lleno, porque el cuadro … Sigue leyendo

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Boy Roald Dahl

This is a  task we have to do for homework. Why did Roald and his friends hated Mrs. Pratchett? They hated Mrs. Pratchett because she was always in a bad mood without reason, was she was really horible, and she … Sigue leyendo

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Number the stars / Review

This is a review of Number the stars that was my lending libary  book and we have to make a review.

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The effect of enjambment

The function of enjambment in poetry is to allow an idea to continue beyond the limitations of a single line. It is usefull to call the writers attention, you need to finish some lines to understand the writter want to say. Enjabment … Sigue leyendo

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Corrections Test Language

This are corrections of the language test, which we correct all together in class.

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Sintaxis Ejercicios.

Este es un SlideShare con oraciones que analizamos en clase de lengua.

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The Aims of the Big Three

This is  a video of the end of the First World War.  In this homework we had to choose one video. This video starts when the ww1 finish, USA, Great Britain and France won the war and thay have an important … Sigue leyendo

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